By Susan Sampson-Mc Anelly and
Kevin E. Mc Donald
© 2011
Susan Gun Vice Cop is the incredibly compelling and fascinating Real Life Story of Susan
McAnelly’s 18 year career as a Police Officer in the Four Time – MURDER CAPITOL OF THE
UNITED STATES!  Susan was the very first woman police officer to patrol the most dangerous
areas of this city SOLO!

Some of Susan’s stories will make you cry, and ask why?  Others will make you cringe, but
Susan was frequently getting in trouble and many of those stories WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH

CELEBRITIES and everyday people alike are included as we trace Susan’s career from a
Police Cadet, to Reserve Officer, to the Academy where Susan was #1 in class academically
and #2 in physical training when a man beat her by one sit-up in the final after 500 plus sit-ups!

As a Rookie, Susan got her nickname “BACKYARD”.  All cops know that the bad guys NEVER
come out the front door when they approach a suspect’s house; they ALWAYS run out the
back door.  Susan always volunteered “I’LL TAKE THE BACKYARD!”……AND THE CHASE

A self admitted adrenalin junkie, Susan lived for the thrill of the chase either by hopping over
backyard fences to take down grown men twice her size and making them smell the asphalt as
she slapped the cuffs on them, or chasing them through the city streets Code 3 – Lights and

From Beat Cop Susan was promoted CSI Investigator to document every grizzly detail of
crimes from accidents to murders.  Next, she was entrusted to train Rookie cops as a Field
Training Officer.

Finally, Susan was an undercover Vice Cop where her duties included posing as a Street
Hooker in Sting Operations, and being up-close and personal when drug deals went bad.  She
did that when she wasn’t busy being shot at by Neo-Nazi, or arresting Hell’s Angels, or
gathering information on The Mafia and The Klu Klux Klan.

The bizarre twists of fate and curve balls that have been thrown at Susan after she was a cop
will amaze & flabbergast you!  After 5 1/2 years of volunteer work, #1 in her Academy class,
and 12 years as a Sworn Officer with Commendations - NO PENSION! (She did not do
anything wrong, but it happened!)

WHATEVER you thought about cops before you read this book, you are GUARANTEED to
The Fall 2010 Network TV Lineup premired TEN brand-new crime dramas  featuring a woman
as the star.  ALL of those stories are FICTION.  ALL of the stories in SUSAN GUN VICE COP
THE BOOK are TRUE!!!  Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or guilty,
as the case may be......
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because we both love animals, and to Operation Homefront because we cannot
thank our Service Men and Women enough who have fought for our country and have become
disabled in the process.  Operation Homefront, among other things, modifies homes for
disabled Veterans.  They make wider hallways, doorways and other accommodations for
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